Ruby Zoisite Wire wrap pendant Wrapped in 14kt rolled gold. Size 50 x 18mm aka Ruby-in-Zoisite, Anyolite Ruby zoisite is a unique metamorphic gem. It features a striking contrast between the bright green zoisite (calcium aluminum silicate hydroxide) with inclusions of dark hornblende (a basic silicate mineral) and the often-chatoyant red ruby. Zoisite itself is named for mineral collector Siegmund von Zois, the Baron von Edelstein (1747-1819), who discovered the gemstone in 1804 in Austria. It is rather soft and scratches easily. Ruby zoisite is believed to help increase the awareness of the super-ego. It also is said to help amplify the whole energy field of a person, reaching within to release inner talents of the mind. Ruby zoisite occurs in a few small outcrops south of the town of Longido in Tanzania's northern province, about 50 miles northwest of Mount Kilimanjaro. It also is found in Norway, Western Australia and the U.S.A.

Ruby Zoisite Wire wrap pendant  SOLD
Ruby Zoisite Wire wrap pendant SOLD
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