Caribbean Larimar wire wrap pendant wrapped in sterling silver. Pendant Size

Caribbean Larimar Pendant SOLD
Caribbean Larimar Pendant SOLD
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Caribbean Larimar wire wrap pendant wrapped in sterling silver.

This unique semi-precious stone is only found in the Caribbean, in mines located in high mountains of extraordinary tropical beauty. Discovered in 1974, Larimar is the only Blue Pectolite found in the world.

The name LARIMAR is a combination of "Lari", from Larissa, the daughter’s name of the stone discoverer and "Mar", Spanish word for Sea, honoring the variety of blue shades contained in this stone.

Metaphysical Properties of Larimar: Aids one in the process of using power and knowledge wisely. Encourages one to speak their inner truth. Enhances the process of bringing through and manifesting one’s creative impulses. Assists overly-critical people in opening their heart and mind so that they may adopt a more accepting perspective of self and others. Clarifies one’s perception of those things in life, within and without, that need to change. Facilitates meditation and inner journeys. Helps lighten depression and apathy. Enhances calmness, serenity and purity. Used most often with the throat and heart chakras.

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