Onyx is in the Chalcedony family. Onyx is used to rid the wearer of grief and enhances self control. It promotes wise decision making, great to wear when starting new business and new jobs. It allows one to absorb from the universe the energies that are needed in that moment.

Onyx can help one see the through the illusion of duality to the reality of our interconnectedness and interdependence. It can give us the sense that we can achieve whatever we choose to do in our life.


Opal is said to awaken the psychic and mystical powers of the mind. Glowing with the Opal is an inner fire that illuminates and stimulates pursuits in the metaphysical realm.

Native Americans and Australian Aboriginals use this stone as a vision stone. To guide them in the realm of dreams. Also known as the stone of happy dreams arising from understanding our higher potential. Wearing this stone can help speed the wearer towards higher spiritual realization.

It is used for disorders of the eyes and and stimulates circulatory function. Also for purifying blood and kidney disorders.


Pearl has always signified faith, innocence and personal integrity. It has long been known as a symbol of purity and can stimulate this condition in the mind and body of the wearer.

Pearl is also known as the stone of sincerity, and can bring truth to situations and provoke great loyalties in others. It has long been used to bring a peaceful calm to the wearer, hence it's great popularity at weddings!

Pearl is said to increase fertility and help with digestive disorders.


It is said that wearing Pectolite (also known as Larimar) can help release one from the chains that bind us... Allowing us to shift our energy and change unwanted patterns of physical or psychological addictions.

It is also known as the stone of earth healing. It promotes an appreciation for our planet and a realization of our connection to the natural world around us.


This gemstone is said to be a great regulator. It can help one regulate cycles such as physical cycles, as well as mental, emotional, intellectual and life cycles.

It promotes understanding when one is going through a lot of changes in life. And gives one a greater consciousness of the patterns that can be an impairment for attaining that which we need for growth.

It is said to provide a shield of protection around the body. And it helps to rid one of unproductive emotions such as anger, frustration and jealousy... transmuting these feelings into happiness and self acceptance.

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