Kyanite is said to be very usefull in enhancing one's creativity, broadening one's perspective, and in reaching a better understanding with others. Kyanite is also said to bring calm and tranquility, and to facilitate meditation.

Kyanite is said to help clear sinus congestion, and to help in the treatment of muscular disorders.

Labradorite(aka spectrolite)

It is said to represent the temple of the stars , assisting one in sustaining and maintaining, while providing for the understanding of the destiny one has chosen. It assists during traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. It symbolizes the moon and the sun. Promotes refinement of action and discernment in direction. It allows for recognition that humanity represents being of light, transcending the limitations of the past and thoughts of the future, and embracing the infinite possibilities of the moment. It can assist in digestion, regulation and metabolism. Also used to clarify eyes.


Lapis Lazuli promotes connections between the physical plane and the celestial. It aids in the initiation of wisdom and the mystical realm.

Known as the stone of total awareness, it helps expand awareness and intellect. Aids the wearer with the processes of reasoning and provides clarity and quick response when learning new things.

This stone is used for enhancing self - acceptance and is helpful for relieving depression. When used in meditation it can give one a sense of serenity and calmness.

Lapis Lazuli is used as a protective stone keeping the wearer safe from physical danger and physical attacks.

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