It protects against fear, envy, and rage, and helps to banish sorrow from the emotional structure. The message of carnelian is that since one is love, there is nothing to do but to offer the love - each offering of love bringing an exponential increase in the quantity of love returned. Carnelian stimulates inquisitiveness and subsequent initiative. It can assist one in drama and pursuits related to theatrical presentations.


This is a member of the quartz family. Chalcedony includes in it's family agate, bloodstone, chrysophrase, flint, jasper, petrified wood, and carnelian, just to name a few.

Chalcedony is said to be the gemstone for balancing the energies mind, body, spirit and emotions. And can help the wearer alleviate hostility, anger and depression... And promotes generosity, higher consciousness and receptiveness to all the beauty that life has to offer us every day.


It is one of the few minerals on the planet which does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipates and transmutes it, working out problems on both physical and subtle levels. Citrine is one of the stones to be called merchants stone - placing citrine in ones cash box has produced more income for the merchant. Diminishes self destructive tendencies. Raises self esteem lightheartedness cheerfulness hope. Warming, energizing and attracts abundance, affects naval and crown chakras

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