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Spider Web Obsidian (3)Tube Onyx(4)Print Stone (5 items)
Mahogoney Obsidian (13)Red Moss Jasper(6)Mexican Picture Rock(7)
Rosetta Stone( 6 )Fluorite (3 items)Sardonyx (3)
Crazy Lace Agate (7)Snake Skin Jasper(7 items)Snowflake Obsidian (11)
Rain Forrest Jasper(8)Polish Banded Flint Cabochon  (11)Malachite(3)
Australian Andamooka Opal (2)Sodalite(5)Tree Agate(2)
Caribbean Larimar (10)Chinese Writing Stone (4 items)Druzy (3)
Maramamba Tigereye (8)Bolder Opal (1)Australian Peanut Wood (17 items)
Turquoise (2)Pink Jade (3)Australian Dendretic Opalite (1)
Variscite (2)Indonision Petrified Coral Cabochon 78 x 47mm
Regular Price: $55.00
Sale Price $48.00
Green Opal (8)
Black Garnet (5)Baltic Amber (11 items)Gold Stone(2)
Lapis Lazuli (3)Bone  Carvings(5 items)Mabe Pearl (3)
Lepidolite Cabochon (2)Petrified Wood (7)Tiger Iron (2)
TigerEye (4)White Buffalo Turquoise (Howlite) (2)Lemon Quartz
Pudding Jasper
Banded Agate
Dyed Shell (3)
Dichroic Glass (15)Velvet Obsidian(3)Arabic Script Stone (4 Cabs)
African Map Jasper (4 Cabs)Orange Calcite (2 Cabs)Fancy Jasper (5 Cabs)
Tiffany Stone Opalized Fluorite Bertrandite Cab
Rhodocrosite(5 Cabs)Leopard Skin Jasper       (5 Cabs)
Ruby in Zoisite (3 Cabs)Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper (2 Cabs)Ocean Wave Jasper (5 Cabs)
Picture Jasper (12 Cabs)Variscite (2 Cabs)Pudding Jasper Cabochon
Blood Stone Jasper Cabochon - SOLD
Pink Jade Cabochon
Picasso Marble Cabochon
Crazy Lace Agate Cabochon
Bronzite Cabochon
Malachite Cabochon
Moss Agate (2 Cabs)Polish Banded Flint Twins (2 sets)Rhodonite ( 2 Cabs)
Boulder Turquoise (2 Cabs)Red Plume Agate (2 Cabs)Blue Fire Feldspar (2 Cabs)
Black Zebra Marble Cabochon - SOLD
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