Bone Sun and Moon Face Wire Wrap Cabochon Pendant. Among the treasures hidden for thousands of years in the remote arctic tundra of Alaska, Canada, and Siberia are the massive ivory tusks of the Woolly Mammoth, ruler of the prehistoric savanna. The skeletons and tusks were naturally interred for aeons in the frozen earth. Earth Stones now brings this hidden treasure to you as a beautiful gem alternative to new elephant ivory. The beautiful hues of tan, brown and blue are a result of thousands of years of mineralization. Exact hues depend upon the mineral deposits in the immediate soil surrounding the fallen mammoth. Thus, each tusk reveals a unique character, never duplicated in another piece of fossil tusk. Each of the prized fossils is transformed into lustrous jewelry that reflects the hues of the arctic landscape. Each item is painstakingly designed, carved, polished and finished to enhance the unique color of our Arctic Ivory. As with all fine gem quality Ivory, the luster is enhanced with frequent exposure to one's own natural skin oils, developing a rich patina over time. Fossil Ivory is said to expel restlessness, anxiety, derision for others, and moodiness. And is said to promote initiative, dignity and serenity. Also said to be good for renewing cellular bone growth in our body.

Bone Sun and Moon Face Pendant  SOLD
Bone Sun and Moon Face Pendant SOLD
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Bone Sun and Moon Face Wire Wrap Cabochon Pendant.

The Sun and Moon face reprensent

YING AND YANG The concept to Ying and Yang is central to Chinese cosmology. Yin and Yang are symbolized the sun and moon. There are two opposing forces active in the universe. Yin exists in Yang and Yang exists in Yin. This is the the changing combination of negative and positive, dark and light, cold and hot which keeps the world spinning and creates Chi - the giving life force.

YIN : Female : Earth, moonlight, darkness, quiet, decreasing, absorbing, receptive, winter, soft. Direction - North, Quality - Shady, Numbers - Even.

YANG : Heaven, sunlight, day, heat, motion, masculine, active, summer. Direction - South, Quality - Sunny, Numbers - uneven.

STATE OF BALANCE : In all aspects of life a state of balance should exist between the opposing forces of Ying and Yang.

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