Azurite Cabochon Wire Wrap Pendant wrapped in 14kt rolled gold. Overall pendant size is 75mm x 40mm.

Azurite Pendant  SOLD
Azurite Pendant SOLD
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Azurite Cabochon Wire Wrap Pendant wrapped in 14kt rolled gold. Overall pendant size is 75mm x 40mm. Azurite

This soft, deep-blue mineral is a basic copper carbonate, forming in copper deposits deep in the earth. In some locations, azurite undergoes a chemical change and loses some hydroxyl, turning it into malachite. In some cases, part of the azurite is altered to malachite while the other part remains as azurite; these specimens are green on one end and blue on the other. Because of this close association, it's rare to find one of these stones without the other. Never clean azurite with any product containing ammonia, as this will remove the stone's polish. Also,

For eons, azurite was crushed and used as a dye for paints and fabrics. The process began in Fourth Dynasty Egypt (2575-2467 B.C.), but didn't become common until the Middle Ages and Renaissance, when azurite was the most important pigment in European painting. It eventually was abandoned, as people realized that certain environments turned the azurite into malachite (and horrified artists saw their masterpiece skies and seas turning green!). In its solid form, azurite has long been known as a "stone of heaven" and was used in many ancient cultures to help contact divine consciousness. Native Americans considered it a sacred aid to journeys with their spirit guides. Today, azurite is reputed to heighten one's insight and wisdom; enhance prophesy and divination; improve and control energy flow; fortify the memory and enhance intellectual receptivity; and help evaluate a person's past beliefs and dissolve the unwanted beliefs. It is also thought to aid the power of healing, specifically for the liver, arthritis, joints, sinuses, skin, throat, spleen and spine. Sources of azurite are Utah, Arizona and New Mexico, (U.S.A.), Mexico, Namibia, Congo, Zaire, Australia, China, Russia and many parts of Europe.

Metaphysical Properties of Azurite: Known as the 'stone of heaven' and stimulates the pursuit of the heavenly self, providing for guidance via the third eye and allowing precise verbalization of psychic experiences. It awakens the development of the psychic self and provides for insight into all areas of ones life. Azurite enhances creative abilities and helps to eliminate indecision and worries which are quietly agitating in the back of ones mind.

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