Abalone has been used to bring the energy of continuity to ones environment and instills a stable atmosphere. It is revered by tribes throughout the world as a magical gift from the sea-one that is said to stimulate creativity of the mind and protects one from negativity from outside sources.

It has been used in the treatment of hearing disorders and calcium deficiencies.


Agate is used to stimulate cognitive abilities and precision. It gives one perception of situations and awakens the wearers talents.

It also is said to product inspiration from and a feeling of connectedness with the energies living in other dimensions.

It is said to strengthen sight, to take away thirst, and promotes marital bliss.

This stone vibrates to the number 7


This variety of quartz is found throughout the world. The purple color ranges from deep to pale. It is the presence of manganese in clear quartz that produces Amethyst. The best Amethyst comes from Uruguay, Siberia, India, Africa, and Colorado.

Amethyst is called the stone of spirituality and happiness. It is said to balance the energies of the intellect with the emotional and physical body.

Amethyst gives the wearer a calm feeling, it seems to sweet the mind and body clean of unproductive and murky vibrations. It is also that this stone promotes success in business affairs.

And last but not least this gemstone is associated with sobriety. It is used to promote and encourage anyone trying to find freedom from additive personalities (yours or those of others)...

Said to help heal conditions of: nervous system, heart, stomach teeth, digestive tract and teeth. Also useful in mental disorders and as a treatment for arthritis.


A beautiful mixture of citrine and Amethyst, it is said to stimulate and stretch the limits of ones own consciousness. Expanding our awareness in a outward direction to include more and more of our world.

Ametrine is said to help the wearer be more focused and concentrated during states of meditation. And allows the wearer to feel more "at home" in the natural world. This is a powerful and fast acting gemstone ready to aid the wearer in all realms of consciousness expansion.


Strengthens and oxygenates blood stream. Enhances physical/mental vitality. Strengthens heart, spleen, bone marrow. Aids in balancing vitamin deficiencies. Reduces emotional and mental stress. The Stone of Courage - also for renewal of the physical mental and emotional bodies. Another powerful healer. It helps one toward the direct union with the divine through contemplation, prayer or mediation and love. It has been used to stabilize, as necessary, the flow of blood. Also a very good gem for those in business - self employed.

Blue Lace Agate

The energy of this mineral is most useful at the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the third eye, and crown chakra. Activating these chakras, it helps one to enter in to high frequency states of awareness. It can be used in the treatment of arthritic conditions and in cases of hereditary bone deformity: it can also be used to strengthen the skeletal structure. It is useful to enhance the mending of breaks and fractures. It can help to remove blockages from the nervous system and from the capillaries of the body.

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